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Is AI the Future?

The Project:
Write a storytelling introduction for a blog post that focuses on the impact of A.I. on white collar jobs.



Stalking me.

Lurking in the shadows.

Closing in on me.

I could see it on the faces of my coworkers. The way their eyes darted about. Searching for an imaginary escape. I wanted to console them, but I knew their panic would strangle me.

It kept happening. One by one. Another coworker cast aside. Another empty desk.

It all started two months ago. They called it -- Artificial Intelligence. It was replacing us. Taking our jobs. Our livelihoods. Smothering our future.

Now, I was one of the few left standing. I mean, I graduated from Harvard at the top of my class and worked here for 27 years. I had been climbing the corporate ladder for decades!

Surely, I was safe -- but then I got the dreaded email. The boss wanted to see me in his office.

With trepidation, I stood on trembling legs and hobbled my way across the deserted workroom to his office. I awkwardly took my seat...waiting for what seemed like an eternity.

What happened next...changed everything.


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