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Love Your Story Photography

"Amanda is incredible to work with, offers valuable guidance and support throughout the process, and will help you craft copy that connects with your clients and elevates your message."

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Elan Future

"VERY happy with Amanda's work. Her ideas are on point and fit well with the brand/mission, and she's a quick learner. It's been such a privilege working with her."

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Cheriss & Company

"I just love the copy! Everything was spot on when it comes to tone and branding. Thank you for breathing new life into my business!"



"I'd absolutely recommend Amanda to anyone looking for strong, cohesive copy for their business."


Seaside View

"A great piece of work: a smart structure, intriguing features/benefits, and a nice tone throughout - it's spot on."

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Pay With Prestige

"My new website copy got me more leads in one week than my old website generated in months. I couldn't be happier with the results."


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"We can't tell you how impressed we are. It's hugely impactful and comes together so seamlessly. Excellent work!"

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"It's brilliant - light, concise and bite-sized with enough intrigue to compel any business owner."

freelance advertising copywriter

Always Audible

"LOVE how concise and confident this is! It does so much heavy lifting, yet in a way that feels subtle and controlled."


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Upwork in One Week

"Amanda is THE BEST! I got instant results/profit as soon as I uploaded my new sales page. I can't recommend her enough. She transformed my business, and she'll do the same for yours!"

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Cheriss & Company

"I just love the copy! Everything was spot on when it comes to tone and branding. Thank you for breathing new life into my business!"


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The Vantage Group

"The whole experience working with Amanda was truly exceptional. The results were even better. I will definitely be working with her in the near future."



"This does a great job of focusing on personal, emotional drivers while being engaging and clear throughout - it's hugely compelling."


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The Top 10 Netflix Shows to Watch Right Now

"This piece works hard and delivers the value promised. Most importantly, your SEO is on-point while also appearing natural and effortless."


Grizzlies and Gold

"From the opening line you had us gripped by the narrative, and by the end you had us hungry for more."

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Is AI the Future?

"You throw the reader into a vivid scene, focusing in on the sensory qualities and gradually unfurling the story - and the ending gave me chills."

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Wildly impactful copywriting for your unique brand that's bursting with creativity, confidence, and connection.

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